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Always at the forefront of marketing trends and practices, our sales team has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the many industries our clients operate in. Every stage of every task is carried out with precision, finesse, and professionalism.

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Results-Based Payment

Instead of paying a large fee for a set number of leads to be researched and contacted, the price of the service will depend on the performance of the campaign.


With a relatively low launch fee, our team will handle every aspect of the campaign up until the actual sales appointment where you will pitch your value proposition to a warmed up lead.


About one week of preparation is all that is needed from the moment of onboarding to campaign launch and seeing the first results.

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How It Works

1. Ideal Customer Profile

Research is the foundation upon which the rest of the outbound campaign is built. The value of even the best written business emails is nullified when they reach the wrong audience. Establishing the ICP and the client’s value proposition is key to getting the right message delivered to the right decision

2. Onboarding

An introductory call where the team members on both sides get to meet each other. During the meeting we:
  • Give an overview of what can be expected over the course of the next 1-2 weeks;
  • Figure out the logistics of the campaign;
  • Establish communication channels among team members;
  • Lock in the Ideal Customer Profile and value proposition.

3. Campaign Preparations

  • Researchers begin generating leads;
  • Templates are written for cold outreach;
  • Email addresses are warmed up and prepared for the campaign.

4. Campaign Launch

When the first batch of contacts and messaging are adjusted according to the client’s requirements and approved, the campaign is ready to launch.

5. Adjustments & Appointments

We continuously monitor all the relevant campaign metrics like deliverability, open, and reply rates and make adjustments when and where they’re needed. Once a lead shows interest, we schedule an appointment so that you can start working on getting the deal closed.

Work With the Best

Experts in their respective fields, our team always delivers.

Roman Bezrukov

Chief Executive Officer

Daria Podolskaya

Project Manager

Valeriia Krylova

Sales Development Representative

Sergiy Lysak

Head of Research

Daria Honcharuk

Sales Development Representative

Illia Kushnir

Human Resources Manager

Roman Khomenko

Business Development Manager

Pavlo Anapreichyk

Head of Content

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With its unique payment scheme, BlueBird has become one of the most reliable and result-oriented B2B lead generation service providers.

Our Team Members Have Expert Skillsets and an Extensive Level of Experience From Working in Award-Winning Companies

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Frequently Asked

Considering an expert is someone that mastered a particular activity/job, then that would mean that this is a person with deep and extensive knowledge in the generation of leads. Usually, this type of knowledge comes through trial and error, and is not something you can read in a few well-written articles. There are a lot of nuances to the process, and there are people that are better at understanding them than others.

There is no best B2B lead gen service provider, but there is definitely a list of the top players, and that includes BlueBird. What separates the best companies from everyone else is the quality of the generated leads, the average cost per lead, and the added appointment setting services that come with it. At the end of the day, do your own research and analyze the client testimonials, check out user reviews and form your own opinion.

Googling alone may not be the solution, since you will be bombarded with paid advertisements for companies that may be offering sub-par services. And as someone with no previous experience, you are likely unaware of what the standards for a good service provider are, and what extent of the service you generally need. Stick to review sites like Clutch to get an idea of who the best options are and if they have existing experiences with companies like yours.

In practically every scenario, you get your money’s worth by hiring a lead gen company. Some claim to give a return of $10 for each $1 spent, and some go as far as $36. At the end of the day, it mostly depends on the value proposition you’re offering and the state of the industry and markets in general. If your product/service is good, you’ll always find a deal.