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A Dedicated Research Team

Research isn’t as straightforward as you think. The world we live in is overflowing with data and information, and it’s safe to say that the majority of it is inaccurate or outdated. Our researchers have the necessary tools and skills to find, validate and fack-check whatever it is you’re interested in.

How It Works

1. Preliminary Research & Data Gathering

  • We identify the Ideal Customer Profile, the industries, and the geolocations.
  • Our researchers acquire test leads for an initial review.

2. Refinement

  • We discuss each step with you to optimize the research strategy as early as possible in order to properly direct the efforts and resources.
  • We cross-reference our research with your existing and do-not-contact client base to eliminate duplicates, ensure that your existing clients are not being marketed to, and make sure that we don’t reach out to specific companies for whatever reason.

3. Implementation & Adjustment

  • The research team provides you with more test leads for verification including all miscellaneous data that interest you, like how many people work in the company, the industry, and who the C-level executives are.
  • Based on the feedback and performance metrics from the first batch, we adjust the strategy where needed.

If the Info Is Out There -
We Will Find It

Contact Data

We can conduct a deep dive into a specific prospect/lead, analyzing their internet presence, social media history, previous employment, and other relevant data.

Company Data

We extract any information you need on a specific company/business and evaluate it as a potential candidate for partnership.

Website Data

We explore the company website and its particular product/service, the audience that visits, site usability, popularity, ranking, and other key metrics.

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    Frequently Asked

    Considering an expert is someone that mastered a particular activity/job, then that would mean that this is a person with deep and extensive knowledge in the generation of leads. Usually, this type of knowledge comes through trial and error, and is not something you can read in a few well-written articles. There are a lot of nuances to the process, and there are people that are better at understanding them than others.

    There is no best B2B lead gen service provider, but there is definitely a list of the top players, and that includes BlueBird. What separates the best companies from everyone else is the quality of the generated leads, the average cost per lead, and the added appointment setting services that come with it. At the end of the day, do your own research and analyze the client testimonials, check out user reviews and form your own opinion.

    Googling alone may not be the solution, since you will be bombarded with paid advertisements for companies that may be offering sub-par services. And as someone with no previous experience, you are likely unaware of what the standards for a good service provider are, and what extent of the service you generally need. Stick to review sites like Clutch to get an idea of who the best options are and if they have existing experiences with companies like yours.

    In practically every scenario, you get your money’s worth by hiring a lead gen company. Some claim to give a return of $10 for each $1 spent, and some go as far as $36. At the end of the day, it mostly depends on the value proposition you’re offering and the state of the industry and markets in general. If your product/service is good, you’ll always find a deal.